Faceup Refresh Service

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Faceup Service is now closed. Thank you! 

- Name (sculpt) and Company of doll head you are sending
- If you would like freckles (light or lots!)
- Any other small requests (color of eyebrows, etc.)
- NOTE: I do not make look-a-like faceups and only paint in a natural, light style

You will be responsible for shipping the HEAD ONLY to me. Return shipping is charged at checkout and any overage will be refunded after return mail is sent. I will email you my shipping address after you order.

This service is for a FULL FACEUP REDO including removing the old faceup and applying new lashes. The new faceup will be in keeping with my usual style, but an identical faceup should not be expected. Each faceup is by my hand and unique. This service will be completed within 2 weeks of receiving your doll.