Faceup Refresh Service

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If you have a Forever Virginia Doll in need of a new faceup, you can use this service. Add one service per doll to your cart and the return shipping will be added to your purchase at checkout.

You will be responsible for shipping the doll to me. Please contact me for the address.

Please do not send the doll until you pay for the service. Also, if you feel comfortable removing the doll's head you can just send that without the body.

This service is for a FULL FACEUP REDO including removing the old faceup and applying lashes. The new faceup will be in keeping with my usual style, but an identical faceup should not be expected. Each faceup is by my hand and unique. This service will be completed within 2 weeks of receiving your doll.

This service is not to be used for any doll other than Forever Virginia Dolls.