"Charm" Size Dolls

20CM / 8" Tall

Wig size: 6-7 inch
Eye size: 10-12mm
Height 20.5cm/8in
Head Circumference 17cm/6.7in 
Neck 4cm/1.5in
Outer Shoulder width 4.5cm/1.75in 
Inner Shoulder width 3.25cm/1.3in 
Arm length (top of shoulder to wrist) 5.5cm/2.2in 
Bust 9.5cm/3.75in
Waist 9cm/3.5in
Hip 10cm/4in
Waist to floor 10cm/4in
Crotch to floor 8cm/3.15in 
Thigh 5cm/2in
Calf 3.75cm/2.25in
Ankle 3cm/1.25in
Foot length 25mm/1in 
Foot width 10mm/.4in
Shoe Size is 28-30mm


Comparison Photos

Charm size and Lolli size
Lati Yellow, MeadowDolls Twinkle, Charm size, Sweet Pea
Lati Yellow feet, Charm size feet
Charm size, Holala
Riley Kish, Charm size (wearing Riley clothing & shoes)