"Lolli" Size Dolls

27CM / 10.5" Tall

Wig size: 7-8 inch (8-9 inch for Evergreen/Marigold)
Eye size: 14-16mm
Height 27cm/10.6in
Neck 5.5cm/2in
Outer Shoulder width 6cm/2.5in 
Inner Shoulder width 4.5cm/1.75in 
Arm length (top of shoulder to wrist) 8cm/3in 
Bust 12.5cm/4.75in
Waist 13cm/4.625in
Hip 14cm/5.5in
Waist to floor 14cm/5.5in 
Crotch to floor 10.5cm/4.1in 
Thigh 7cm/2.75in
Calf 5.5cm/2.25in
Ankle 4.5cm/1.8in
Foot length 38mm/1.5in 
Foot width 16mm/.63in

Comparison Photos

Evergreen, Tinker, Marigold
Charm size, Lolli size
Blythe, Lolli size, Azone small
Littlefee, Lolli size, MeadowDolls Dumpling
Lolli size, Tum