Hi, I'm Virginia! Nice to meet you.

As a young girl dreams, a woman may realize & bring these dreams into reality.

I never wanted to stop playing with dolls. I only put them aside in my middle school years as my friends “outgrew” them. In college, I studied Art with an emphasis in Computer Graphics, turning an eye for design and a problem-solving mind into a career in Web Design (back when it was still a new and under-served area). In 2004 I happened across an issue of “Haute Doll” magazine and discovered the world of vinyl doll repainting. Eventually, this led me to BJDs and as my Web Design career demanded less of my time I spent more and more time honing my creative doll-related skills and rediscovering my childhood love of dolls.

I’m happy to now combine these varied interests into a creation completely my own and share it with you. Thank you to all those who have and continue to encourage and aid me in this creative pursuit.

Dolls that capture your heart and imagination, crafted with the expression of a soul.

It starts from scratch, sculpting and testing through many stages. At each stage, I work hard to ensure that the mechanics of my dolls are solid with natural movement for easy posing and that the outer form is pleasing to hold and display. The sculpting takes anywhere from a month to year to complete.

Once the sculpt is ready it’s off to the casting company! They create a master from my sculpt and cast a sample for my approval. If the sample is good then production can begin. This takes about 6 months as the company must work around the weather, holidays and other orders.

After the dolls are produced in resin each one is hand-painted (unless ordered blank) from my master faceup sample. Each outfit is carefully designed and made to bring out my complete vision for the doll. From selecting the fabric, to drafting patterns, sewing, knitting and embellishing - there's nothing quite like putting the whole look together and seeing each little character come to life. 

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