Frequently Asked Questions

Check my shop for preorders and in stock sales. I will announce upcoming preorders on this website, through my email newsletter list and on other social media outlets. Order periods usually occur every 2-3 months and last 2 weeks. They take at least 6-8 months for casting the produce and sometimes longer.

Prices range from $400-$800 depending on size and finish.

View my COMPLETE DOLL LIST to see all the dolls I have made.

My dolls are ball-jointed, which means they have ball and socket articulated joints, engineered to allow for realistic poses when strung tightly with elastic. The elastic runs through the body, anchored with hooks in the feet, hands and head. They are cast in hard resin and their faces are hand-painted (this is called a "faceup").

The dolls I sculpt are professionally cast in hard resin, which is very strong but can be scratched or break if dropped on a hard surface. Their hand-painted faces are sealed, but can be damaged by repeated handling or rubbing. They have many small parts including changeable eyes and wigs, and require careful handling and maintenance. For this reason, my dolls are intended for mature collectors with understanding of how to care for them.

All my doll masters are sculpted and painted by me, then professionally cast in poured resin and painted to closely resemble my example. Click here to learn more about me and my journey as a doll maker. 

How to Care for Your Doll

As much as possible you should refrain from touching the painted face to avoid damage. Dust may be removed with a soft, clean makeup brush and glass eyes polished with a barely damp clean paint brush. If the body gets dirty you can wipe it with a soft cloth (dampened if needed). For harder spots a dry magic eraser can be rubbed lightly - only on the body, never the face! Watch my "How to Series" of videos via the links below for additional tips.